About US


Social/Community: Create and maintain commercial long-term relationships between coffee producing communities throughout the country and specialty coffee shops in the world; supporting and training the producers in the correct use of natural resources to achieve consistency year after year delivering high quality coffee.

What we do

From farm-gate delivered to your coffee shop. We grew up in the coffee business, both on the growing and logistics side. This enabled us to establish a close relationship with coffee producers all around the country. We want to make it simple for producers and coffee roasters to connect and make direct trade easier.

How we do it

We are actively working with high altitude single estate farms throughout all the country, specializing and focusing in farms where quality and social values are priorities.

Quality Assurance

  • Third-generation coffee growers
  • 20+ years’ experience of green coffee exporting.
  • Fully customized dry milling installations for the best green coffee preparation possible.

At Guats Coffee, we hand pick the best coffees out of the eight coffee growing regions from Guatemala. You can then choose from a wide variety of small to medium sized batches landed in warehouses all around the US.

We accept